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Not everyone comes to a maker with a design or completed idea, not to worry.  We have a design engineer in house who creates renderings and drawings to assist clients with bringing their ideas to life.  Our crew commonly works on projects that were designed in house.

Hand Built

We still work with our hands on all of our projects.  Our team of cabinetmakers and designers are highly skilled craftsmen who enjoy working on custom projects.  From start to finish care is taken to ensure that each piece of furniture or cabinetry is to the highest standard of quality.


Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers was founded in 2013 the day I started trade school at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology.  Throughout trade education and apprenticeship I continued to grow the business and develop skills to serve clients.  Today we operate in a large well equipped modern shop full of young energetic makers.  I believe that we are here to serve our clients to the fullest of our abilities and create a high quality product.  By using modern technology and traditional techniques we are able to serve our clients and designers with both custom furniture and cabinetry.